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Inventory Management
Quality Precision
Material Selection
Product Design Support

Linked Sourcing has the capability to offer material suggestions, and our world class vendors can develop any custom compound to meet your application requirements. 

Linked Sourcing will review your current design and offer input that can help with molding, secondary processing, parting line location, sealing, etc. We continously review our customers product for opportunities for improvement in both the application as well as cost savings.

Linked Sourcing provides quality products via quality manufacturers. We only work with ISO/QS/AS certified manufacturers to produce quality products for our customers. This quality level is then checked again by our internally quality team before it is sent to the customer. Allowing for the confidence that the parts we supply will meet your intended form/fit/function.

Linked Sourcing offers inventory management solutions, including Kan Ban order processing, VMI and Consignment Inventory, as well as standard product inventory. 

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